Social Responsibility

New fabrics often contain synthetic, plastic fibres, releasing micro-plastics into our water supplies and oceans with every wash. Chemicals and dyes used to treat natural and synthetic fabrics also leach into our waterways. Moreover, the dying process requires large amounts of water.
Cashmere, on the other hand, is a natural fiber derived from goats. It is harvested once a year in the spring and regrows when the weather cools again. As a material, cashmere is infinitely renewable and will last for decades before biodegrading into the earth.
Choosing to use un-dyed, chemical-free yarn minimizes water used and eliminates chemicals from the production process, preserving and protecting our fresh water systems and oceans from chemicals and plastics.
Slow Fashion
The fast fashion trend has given consumers choice at the price of quality. These mass-produced clothes are cheaply made and tossed out at the end of a season.

We want to go back to quality clothes that will stay in your closet for decades. So we use only the highest quality cashmere, AA grade fibres, for our yarn. Moreover, our designs are classic and timeless. You will want to wear our sweaters for years to come.
Small Batch
The cashmere industry has exploded in recent years as cheap cashmere has flooded the market, leading to overgrazing, desertification, and inhumane treatment of the goat herds.
Mass production of cashmere is unnecessary. With quality cashmere, you don’t need to buy new sweaters every year. Just a few in your closet will last your lifetime. Not only does our premium grade cashmere come from experienced herders, who humanely treat their goats. We only knit small quantities of each style: sometimes as few as 10 sweaters.