Our Story

In this fast fashion world, we chose to go slow. You will not find 20 new styles every few weeks. Instead, we create small batches of just a few styles to ensure there is no waste. Our timeless designs transcend trends, so you won’t toss them out at the end of the season.

100% natural cashmere fibers, our sweaters are never blended. In fact, we only use the highest grade, AA cashmere fibers. To minimize our environmental footprint, our sweaters are dye-free. No toxic chemicals leaching into water supplies and 90% less water used compared to standard production. The color you see is the color of the goat. Our sweaters are 100% biodegradable.

Most importantly, we source from happy Inner Mongolian goats. Skilled herders only, ensuring that no goats are harmed or frightened during the once-a-year harvest. Oversight is also in place to unsure the goats don’t overgrazed and contribute to desertification.